The Treasurer of Hamilton County, Indiana contracted with American Financial Credit Services (AFCS) beginning in January 2000. The contract was for collection of delinquent Personal Property tax bills and delinquent Mobile Home tax bills. As of today, AFCS has collected$ 4,384,119.23 in principal and interest. Our previous collection process was not as successful with a lot more effort on our part and cost to the county. We are thrilled with the working partnership and success of collections AFCS has provided at no cost to the county.

AFCS is always available to answer question and work with our taxpayers. All requests made are followed through timely and professionally. They work with us on our time table as to when the collections effort can begin and are knowledgeable on the statutory requirements of our office. Once the delinquent taxes are turned over to AFCS for collections not only do they do the heavy lifting, but they work with the county offices, delinquent taxpayers and attorneys. The impact we see is the support they provide between the county offices, delinquent taxpayers, businesses and attorneys has opened avenues for us to collect uncollected tax and penalties or to correct the county records through professional communication and guidance.

AFCS has been pertinent in mitigating the collections on these delinquencies and have minimized the burden on the county offices. Customers are referred directly to the AFCS staff which handles the collection process professionally with courtesy and expertise. I highly recommend American Financial Credit Services knowing you will find them a great benefit as we here in Hamilton County, Indiana have found them to be.



One of the most important jobs of the County Treasurer is to collect property taxes to fund local governments. State law has given counties a mechanism to collect delinquent personal property taxes but the rate of successful collections through the demand process was minimal. In an effort to better perform the collection duties of the Treasurer, the Hendricks County Treasurer's Office began their relationship with American Financial Credit Services in 2005. Through the efforts of AFCS, on behalf of Hendricks County, we have collected over $2,000,000.00 in delinquencies, which money would have otherwise more than likely been lost to the units of government.

It is important to us that the taxpayer be treated fairly and with respect. We have found AFCS to be very ethical, professional and helpful to the delinquent taxpayers. They offer many services to the county and to the taxpayers to aid them in getting current with their property taxes. They are always willing and able to respond to any question or problem we may encounter and always come to a mutually agreed upon resolution.

While serving as Hendricks County Treasurer I have been active in the Indiana County Treasurers' Association serving as President in 2013 and 2015. AFCS has been a strong supporter of the association. They are not only willing to financially support the organization but to also offer real time hands on support of any task asked by the leadership.

I have found AFCS to be an excellent partner in collecting delinquent property taxes as well as an invaluable supporter of the Indiana County Treasurers' Association.



Hancock County has been with AFCS since 2004, we have never regretted going with the company. The first collection that we received was $18,000.00, the total collections as of today is $1,033,000.00. This is money that without the help of AFCS we would never have collected. The staff at AFCS is very easy to work with, very professional and they get the job done. If you need to leave a message they are very quick to get back with you. As Treasurer, I would not hesitate to recommend them to other treasurers or businesses. Keep up the good work!



It is the goal of the Beaufort County Tax Collector to have four to six collection programs so delinquent accounts may be directed, based on the type of owner, property type, dollar amount, etc., to the program that will most effectively collect the delinquent taxes due. Prior to working with American Financial Credit Services (AFCS), the Treasurer’s Office pursued delinquent taxes using two collection programs, the delinquent tax sale and the Set-off Debt program, facilitated by the South Carolina Department of Revenue (DOR). Neither method was effective in the pursuit of delinquent business personal property.

Additionally, business personal property, as a property type, had the largest total of outstanding delinquent taxes. As a result, it was important for the Treasurer’s Office to identify a delinquent collections program that would effectively pursue this property type.

In January of 2017, the Beaufort County Treasurer’s Office contracted with AFCS to pursue the collection of delinquent business personal property accounts. Since then we have satisfied over 500 delinquent business personal property accounts and collected over $100,000, without any additional costs incurred by Beaufort County. This does not include the many accounts that have been removed from our tax roll, prompted by AFCS contacting the business owner, due to the business being closed or never operating.

AFCS walked us through the implementation process, attended our County Council presentation in support of the program, and have provided us the data and reporting we have needed to validate our work through their Client Portal. The Client Portal is easy to use and contains all the details needed to monitor the progress of each delinquent account. Managing and communicating with AFCS is so simple that, under the supervision of the Tax Collector, our entry-level delinquent staff members handle the day-to-day data validation, communication with AFCS and delinquent account management.

As a tax collection office, the ability to yield financial results was a top priority but, as an elected representative, courtesy and expertise was an equal priority. AFCS has proven to be comprised of reliable technology and qualified professionals focused on customer service, to the taxpayers and Treasurer’s Office alike. The most significant testament of AFCS is that we have not received a single complaint from a taxpayer regarding their exchange with AFCS.

We would highly recommend American Financial Credit Services to any jurisdiction looking to effectively and respectfully pursue delinquent taxes. They have become a valuable resource of our office and the Tax Collector. Furthermore, we are happy to share our notification letters and processes to help with the implementation of AFCS’ services.



Tippecanoe County has had a service agreement with American Financial Credit Services, Inc. (AFCS) since November 2013. AFCS performs collection services for delinquent personal property taxes for the County Treasurer, as well as offers demand mailing services prior to certification. These services are at no cost to the County. Since 2013, AFCS has collected nearly $600,000 for Tippecanoe County. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and always responsive to all inquiries. We are very pleased with the level of service provided by AFCS.

I am happy to recommend AFCS for tax collection services and welcome any questions.



The St. Joseph County, IN Treasurer's Office has employed American Financial Credit Services (AFCS) since 2003 for collection of our delinquent personal property taxes. It's proven to be a very rewarding relationship for us in returning much needed tax revenue to our County while at the same time having this done at no additional cost to us.

Prior to using AFCS, our office had employed local attorneys and collection agencies, but had never experienced a collection rate, customer service and a response time like we have with AFCS.

They aggressively pursue collections in an ethical manner while treating our taxpayers fairly and honestly and always operating in accordance with all Federal and State laws.

Whenever we need to speak with someone or have a question or concern, someone is always available.

Since March of 2018, when we certified our delinquent personal property taxes for judgement, AFCS has collected in excess of $1.1 million dollars for St. Joseph County.

We have been extremely pleased with doing business with them for the last fifteen years and we look forward to continuing this professional relationship for years to come. For any municipality looking to outsource their delinquent debt collection, we would highly recommend AFCS providing that service for you. We are confident that you will be as pleased with them as we are.



Since taking office as the Johnson County Treasurer in January, 2017, my experience with the performance of American Financial Credit Services (AFCS) has been that of complete satisfaction.

Since 2004, the Johnson County, Indiana Treasurer's Office has been utilizing the services of AFCS for collecting delinquent personal property and mobile home taxes when we have been unable to collect them ourselves. AFCS has had significant success in locating delinquent taxpayers and obtaining delinquent property tax payments for our county. Not only has the staff at AFCS been well-trained, they also conduct business with a high level of professionalism and treat both our staff and taxpayers with courtesy and respect.

As a newly elected official, I have relied heavily upon the expertise that AFCS brings to the process of collecting delinquent personal property taxes. AFCS has taken the lead and guided this office through the complexities of meeting the statutory requirements for the certification of judgements through the court system.

In summary, I would recommend the services of American Financial Credit Services and consider the work that they have performed on behalf of Johnson County to be of significant value in our efforts to collect delinquent taxes.



The Treasurer of Allen County, Indiana contracted with AFCS January 2014 to begin full time collection of delinquent Personal Property and Mobile Home taxes. AFCS has easily tripled our previous collection efforts. They have well-trained, dedicated staff members who clearly understands their job and our needs as well.

By statute in Indiana a Demand letter is sent to all persons who are delinquent in paying the taxes mentioned above. We used to print, collate, fold, stuff, attach postage and mail these six or seven thousand letters in house. This was quite a burden on our small staff of eight full time employees. AFCS now does that mailing for us and at no cost to Allen County! AFCS is always available to answer our questions, they follow through on our requests, and they work with us on our time table as to when to begin collection efforts. They have taken the time to get to know our office, our busy and slow times and to do their best to work on our schedule.

Our relationship with AFCS does not just stop at collections. Though they are not legal counsel, they have a thorough understanding of Indiana state law as it pertains to Personal Property tax collection. We can call on AFCS to help us answer questions regarding collections and more than once they have been a great assist as we try our best to answer the questions for our taxpayers. If calls become too complicated or difficult to relay information back and forth, AFCS has many time offered to simply take the call directly. It is a huge advantage and relief to us having such a knowledgeable partner in our corner.

Without reservation or hesitation I recommend AFCS to any looking for a competent, professional business partner to manage their tax collection efforts.



We have been with AFCS since 2006. We have a great working relationship with them. They are very easy to work with and respond quickly to any issues. We can look up their phone conversations with our clients and see how much has been paid to AFCS from our clients. AFCS also finds parcels in bankruptcy.

In 2016, we sent 909 demands to AFCS and they collected 168 of them with a total dollar collection of
$47,621.19 out of $362,926.47. We did end up certifying for collection 741 of those demands for a total of $315,305.28 in outstanding debt.

In 2017, we submitted 916 delinquent parcels and they collected 161 of them with a total collection of
$48,998.72. We did certify 755 parcels with a delinquent amount of $392,813.54.

In the year 2017, AFCS collected a total of $168,634.20 in certified dollars that we would not have collected. In demand's they collected a total of $48,998.72. They collected money as far back as 2007 that we had certified to them.

None of the collections that AFCS has done for us has cost us anything. All costs of collections are charged to our delinquent clients. By using AFCS, we have freed up our employees time and have collected money that we more than likely would not have. ACS has collected over $3.3 million dollars since we started working together in 2008. 



We have had the opportunity to utilize American Financial Credit Services (AFCS) for collecting delinquent business personal property taxes.  They have been successful in collecting this revenue for our county in an expeditious time frame.  We will continue to use and recommend their services to assist counties in cleaning up the tax rolls.


This is an attempt to collect debt. This communication is from a debt collector, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.
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