Preferred Business Relationship

American Financial Credit Services, Inc. (AFCS) is an Indiana company which incorporated in 1993.

AFCS provides government bad debt receivable management solutions in Indiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Colorado and California.


AFCS is a member in good standing with the following organizations:

Indiana Secretary of State
Association of Credit and Collection Professionals - ACA International
Indiana County Treasurers' Association (ICTA)
Association of Indiana Counties (AIC)
South Carolina Secretary of State
South Carolina Association of Auditors, Treasurers and Tax Collectors (SCATT)
Mississippi Secretary of State
Mississippi Assessors and Collectors Association (MACA)
Tennessee Secretary of State
Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI)
Tennessee County Trustee's Association (TCTA)
County Officials Association of Tennessee (COAT)
Alabama Secretary of State
Association of Alabama Tax Administrators (AATA)
Georgia Secretary of State
Georgia Association of Tax Officials (GATO)
Tax Commissioners' Technology Development Council of Georgia (TCTECH)
Colorado Secretary of State
Colorado County Treasurer and Public Trustee Association (CCTPTA)
California Secretary of State
California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors (CACTTC)


Our mission is to provide our county partners with outstanding receivable management services that exceed expectations, restores their taxpayers financial integrity, while noticeably contributing to the success of their county.

This is an attempt to collect debt. This communication is from a debt collector, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.