American Financial Credit Services (AFCS) provides revenue solutions for a variety of government debt, including taxes, fines, child support, and transportation-related fees. Regardless of your population size, our solutions offer consistent levels of services across the spectrum of small towns, large counties, and state agencies.

AFCS is an ethically and financially sound firm, conducting operations in full compliance with all federal and state regulations. Your citizens are treated with respect and support while being mindful of your desire to professionally represent their interests.

We created our County Delinquent Personal Property Tax program at no cost to the county after being approached by Indiana County Treasurers who were looking for new options to increase recovery. As a result, we now assist a variety of local governmental entities with managing and collecting delinquent receivables, returning over $90,000,000 to our county clients since inception.


Our financial performance is determined by a dedicated management and government team within AFCS. Our debt management professionals have a specialized working knowledge of government needs and are capable of addressing the complex regulatory requirements for government agency collections. Taking a customized approach in these areas enables AFCS to deliver superior results:


This is an attempt to collect debt. This communication is from a debt collector, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.
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